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JerBear vs BearTamer

Brash newcomer Bear Tamer steps into the ring with his name announcing to all the world his intentions: tame the beast that is JerBear! The spry, young rookie has a lot of height on the boss, but it's pretty clear that the weight advantage all belongs to the bear in this matchup. Undeterred, Bear Tamer starts off on offense, attempting an ill-advised headlock that JerBear is quickly able to shrug off. For a bit of fun, Jer crushes the rookie into the corner, but the quick-footed Tamer quickly takes advantage and gives it his all trying to choke out JerBear! Needless to say . . . JerBear is unamused and teaches this "Bear Tamer" that it takes a lot more than a name to tame a bear! The boss man tosses around the rookie like a feather in this match and makes him wish he chose another name! This is a great squash match for fans who love to see the beefy boys take care of business!

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