Big Tex vs BearTamer - Vertex Wrestling

Big Tex vs BearTamer

Never before have we seen such a size mismatch in a Vertex match when the massive Big Tex takes on the scrappy BearTamer! BearTamer has a lot of ground game in his skillset, but will it be enough to take down the superheavyweight Big Tex? The young buck BearTamer has shown himself capable of playing with the big boys, but never before have we seen a match where an opponent was this outsized. The Tamer brings out everything in his arsenal to bring (and keep) the big man to the ground, but every time he seems to get the upper hand, the Texan uses his size advantage to deliver unbelievable punishment to the kid. He even taunts the "tamer" with a few dirty tactics of his own! At the end of the day, though, no amount of agility or trash-talking can overcome this mismatch, and the fans get to enjoy watching BearTamer get decimated by his bigger foe. For fans of size mismatches, this one will definitely be going down as a classic!

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