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BearTamer vs The Bully - Vertex Wrestling

BearTamer vs The Bully

Bear Tamer is out to shock the world by taking on some of Vertex's biggest, burliest bears, but is he ready to take on the giant known as The Bully? Tamer's tall stature has him towering over most of his Vertex opponents, but he finds himself looking up at The Bully! Bully quickly shows his slender opponent that he's in no mood to play around, easily picking up and crushing Bear Tamer in a brutal bearhug! The wily veteran taunts Bear Tamer is he is helpless to escape the Bully's powerful grasp! Tamer does everything in his power to wear down his powerful opponent, taking every opportunity to try to knock the wind out of the big man, but Bully is not one to be taken down easily! Can Bear Tamer hold out long enough to wear out his outsized opponent, or does the Bully have too much power for the kid? This match has some fantastic action you've got to see!

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